Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reminder to myself and all of us: You're Beautiful

Recently I ran across an article written by a mommy-blogger named Amanda King, later submitted to the blog community Offbeat Families, and then re-posted on Huffington Post entitled "I am beautiful, girls".  It's written by a mother, reflecting upon herself, and the realization that her children will most likely think of themselves as adults as she thinks of herself currently, or at least how she tells them that she feels.  As a result, she's begun to tell them that she knows she's beautiful, while at the same time attempting to convince herself that she feels it.

This article resonated deeply with me.  In fact, not only did I share immediately using a social networking tool, I printed the article and hung it on the wall in my office.  While I've long understood it to be true, that children learn by observation, the next time my son tells me how pretty I look, I'm going to agree with him instead of just saying "Thank you".

Definitely, go read or reread this post.


  1. It pains to me realize that I spend a lot of time thinking about how much weight I have to lose, because my entire childhood is filled with memories of my mother dieting, subsisting off Lean Cuisine tv dinners and talking about how my father was probably cheating on her/going to leave her because she was insecure about herself. I, at least, don't have those kinds of marital insecurities, nor do I spend time talking about dieting in front of the kids. I try to focus on the kids doing activities that keep them active so they can get the confidence that often comes with those things and so they can stay healthy, thus avoiding this future. But I could definitely reinforce it the way the author suggests. For all of us.

  2. I'm lacking on my level of physical fitness and need to step it up if we ever decide we want to have another biological child, right now I just run around with the kids and call it a day, but otherwise I actually am pretty happy with my outward appearance. However due to deep-seated physical and emotional trauma in my past, I have a hard time acknowledging compliments in regards to my physical appearance - thinking people are out to gain something from they kind words - and almost always brush it off. I've started working on acknowledging compliments from my husband and son, and hopefully I'll start feeling positively about it in time.

    Though I've never met you in person, you are beautiful Audrey, and I'm thankful that you're in my blog feed. Maybe one day when the weather changes for the better and you're ready to get out of the house with your tiny one, we ought to meet up.